Fall Market

Buy pumpkins, squash, and decorative fall items, without admission to the pumpkin patch and activity areas.

10600 Isabelle Rd. Lafayette, CO

Open every day September 28 - October 31, 10 AM to 6 PM

Pumpkin Patch

Visit the pumpkin patch for fun family activities, including corn and straw maze.

Five dollar prepaid admission charge, or seven dollars for walk in admission.
Prepaid admissions strongly recommended, especially on weekends.

Wagon rides on Saturdays and Sundays, five dollars per person.

Children 5 and under and seniors 65 and over are always free for admission and wagon rides, no ticket required

10600 Isabelle Rd. Lafayette, CO

Open every day September 28 - October 31, 10 AM to 6 PM

No ticket required for 5 and under, 65 and older.

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aerial view of cottonwood farms pumpkins sunset over the corn maze straw maze at the pumpkin patch in lafayette view from above tractors and pumpkins straw bale maze at cottonwood farms case steam engine corn maze entrance sign and pumpkins specialty pumpkins wagon ride tractor gourds gray farmall tractor red farmall tractor orange allis chalmers tractor goats wagon ride at fall pumpkin patch corn maze at the lafayette pumpkin patch tractors and pumpkins at cottonwood farms fall festival pumpkins at cottonwood farms pumpkin patch farm entrance and straw maze steam engine at fall pumpkin patch goats at Cottonwood Farms pumpkin patch red wagons for hauling pumpkins at cottonwood farms beautiful guords for fall decorating rocco the donkey, ond of many animals at the pumpkin patch fall wagon rides on the farm sheep at the fall pumpkin patch Case steam engine at the farm chickens water wagon for the steam engine straw bale maze witch
About Us

We are a family farm located just north of Lafayette, selling pumpkins and fall produce. Wagon rides are available on Saturdays and Sundays. We do ask that you give us 30 seconds at the entrance to tell you about safety information, pumpkin prices, and other useful information.

We also sell Christmas trees from Thanksgiving until Christmas.

Bob and Amy both grew up around agriculture. Bob's family were in Colorado since the 1850’s where members of his family owned farms in the area. Bob and Amy were involved in farming while working other jobs and raising their family. They are both interested in introducing children to a real farm experience, as many children do not have this opportunity in their life. We try to keep your experience at the farm focused on the harvest, the equipment and the animals found on a real farm. We try to make it fun for the whole family, while we sell our pumpkins and produce.

Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch
Borrow one of our red wagons or bring your own for a trip out to the pumpkin patch. Each pumpkin is unique and it's fun to see which one each family member chooses. Tall and thin, short and fat, extra-large or extra ugly, I mean beautiful, the right pumpkin is out there waiting for you.

Learn about healthy soil, soil management, and carbon sequestration
How to prepare winter squash
Winter Squash
Winter squash and pie pumpkins keep very well and are a great choice for a variety of fall and winter recipes, from entrées and soups to desserts! We sell locally grown winter squash such as acorn, butternut, delicata, spaghetti squash, and others.

We also have local honey from "Paula B's Honey". Many of her hives are within 2 miles of the farm. It flies off the shelf so get yours early before we run out.

Learn how to select and prepare many winter squash varieties.
corn maze
Corn Maze
Bring the whole family for a walk in the corn maze. Our two acre corn maze provides the real feel of being on the farm. Cut by hand, not by tractors, it allows our paths be narrower, and the experience more personal. Listen to the corn rustling in the breeze as it dries down in preparation for harvest. Hear how the corn mutes the sounds of the outside world. Let your little ones lead the way as you try to find the exit. Many people value the experience so much that they turn around and go in again.
Pumpkin Patch
Straw Bale Maze
Get ready to snap some shots of your children in the straw bale maze from one of our two raised platforms. Spy on the kids, as they pretend to be lost, trying all the dead ends over and over, again. Listen to their shouts of glee when they find each other right around the corner.
farm animals goats
Our animals are along the side near the straw maze. The chickens will be laying eggs and scratching for seeds and bugs all month long. Look at their beautiful colors. Watch the goats with their crazy antics on their climbing structure. The sheep are docile and friendly and the cows are just teenagers and spend a lot of time eating and chewing their cud. Of course we need to mention the bunnies! They are too cute for words and get constant attention from the kids at the farm.

This is not a petting zoo. The animals decide whether to come forward to be pet or stay in the back to rest from so much attention. This freedom helps them to stay healthy all month while they are on display. We ask that you do not feed them anything.

Learn about how sheep's wool is sheared and processed.
Case Steam Engine
Tractors and Farm Equipment
Check out our display of vintage farm equipment, which changes every year. We hope to have our steam engine running every weekend in October.
Hay ride
Hay Ride
We offer a hayride every Saturday and Sunday in October, $5 per person. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Children 5 and under ride free with parents. You will sit on straw bales on a real farm wagon pulled by a tractor. This ride takes you around the patch and back. You will get an overview of the activities at the farm as well as a view of the Front Range with all the fall colors.
Fall decorations, straw bales, corn bundles, squash
Decorate Your House
Make your house more inviting by tying a corn bundle near your door and putting a straw bale on your porch. Pile it high with orange pumpkins and some gourds and Indian corn. It gives a warm and natural look that celebrates the harvest as well as the season. When it gets closer to Halloween you can carve those big pumpkins for a spooky Halloween. On November first take the gourds, Indian corn and small pumpkins to inside to decorate your table and counters for Thanksgiving. All of these decorations are available at the farm stand at the pumpkin patch. Remember to bring your pumpkins and squash inside on cold nights so they don't freeze!.

Citizen Science Soil Health Project

Our farm is participating in the Citizen Science Soil Health Project, a 10 year long project to help Colorado Front Range growers prove they are improving their soil.

Learn about healthy soil, soil management, and carbon sequestration

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is admission?

Admission is $5 for pre-admission and $7 for walk ins. Children 5 and under and seniors 65 and over are always free.

How much is the wagon ride?

The wagon ride is available on Saturdays and Sundays in October. Cost is $5 per person. Children 5 and under and seniors 65 and over are free.

Do I Need a Reservation?

Prepaid admissions are encouraged, so that we can accurately manage our capacity to ensure the safety of our guests and staff.

Can I Change The Date or Time Of My Tickets?

You are able to edit the date and/or timeslot of any tickets you have purchased up until the date which they are scheduled for, to do so:

  1. Click Here or the Edit Tickets button found on our website, on the ticket purchase page, or in your purchase confirmation email.
  2. Enter the mail address used to purchase the tickets which you want to edit.
  3. Choose a password, you will use this same password when making additional edits to your existing tickets or edit any tickets purchased with that email address in the future.
  4. Use the date and time selection window to edit your ticket's date or timeslot.
Do I Need a Ticket for my child 5/under, or senior 65/older?

No ticket is needed for guests 5 and under or 65 and older. When planning for capacity, we assume that many families will have a young child or senior, and we have adjusted our ticket quantities to account for this.

Do you offer field trip tours?

We will be offering field trips again this year. Please see the field trip page to make reservations.

Activities for Kids

Our farm is geared around families visiting together. Some things you might enjoy are the straw bale and corn mazes, seeing our farm animals, taking a wagon out to the patch to pick out pumpkins for the family and taking a hay ride together. Our corn hole games and roller pipes are always popular too!

Is my dog welcome?

Your well behaved family dog, on a leash, can come to the farm. No dogs are allowed in the mazes, or on the wagon ride. Please dont let your dog come up to children or our animals. It is very stressful for our animals to be approached by strange dogs all day.

Do you allow birthday parties?

We do not host birthday parties at the farm. Please do not bring your birthday party to the farm. Our visitors expect a farm experience, without other distractions.