Christmas Trees

Christmas tree stand at Cottonwood Farms in Lafayette, CO

Open every day November 27 - December 24, 11 AM to 7 PM

Cottonwood Farms is located at 10600 Isabelle Rd. in Lafayette, CO. We are just a few minutes' drive from Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, and Erie.

Hours & Address Information

COVID-19 Safety

We are striving to make the Christmas tree buying experience a safe outdoor family event. Our employees will be observing safe practices. We are asking customers to follow our guidelines.

Lot Capacity

Lot capacity will be limited
(This should not cause more than minor delays on busy days)
Quietest lot times are from opening to 3 pm Mon- Thurs.

Curb Service

Curb service available for trees under 7'
from 11:00 to 4:00 Mon - Thurs.

Visitor Expectations
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms please do not come
  • Masks will be required for anyone over age 3
  • Please keep your family group together and maintain 6 ft or more distance from others
  • Checkout through outside window
  • Credit cards preferred
Employees Will
  • Screen daily
  • Practice safe distancing from customers
  • requently sanitize high contact areas

Christmas Trees in Lafayette, Colorado

Cottonwood Farms sells Christmas trees, too! These are real christmas trees, intentionally grown for your enjoyment, and responsibly harvested.

Cottonwood Farms is located at 10600 Isabelle Rd. in Lafayette, CO. We are just a few minutes' drive from Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, and Erie.

Traditional Tree Varieties
  • Fraser Fir 4 ft to 8 ft
  • Noble Fir 5 ft to 8 ft
  • Nordmann Fir 6 ft to 9 ft
  • Wreaths available
  • Garland available
Local Tree Varieties

Local trees from private land mitigation
$8 per foot

  • Douglas Fir 4 ft to 10 ft
  • Ponderosa Pine 6 ft to 10 ft
  • Blue Spruce 6 ft to 12 ft
About Our Trees
  • Our trees are pre-cut
  • Our trees are as fresh as any around and we keep them protected from sun and other exposure until we put them out for display
  • Our prices are competitive with any lots selling quality
  • trees. 6ft to 8ft trees run in price from $70 to $125 depending on species.
Real Christmas Trees

Our Christmas trees are intentionally grown for your enjoyment. During their growing years, these trees cleansed the air, provided you with oxygen, protected your water supply, made a home for wildlife, and beautified some previously barren land. For each Christmas tree harvested, two or three are replanted to continue this cycle.

Read more about Christmas trees on the National Christmas Tree Association website.

Caring for Your Tree

For maximum beauty and safety, mount your tree in a water-holding stand and add plenty of water every day. A fresh, well-watered tree is less likely to burn. Place the tree away from heat outlets, and inspect your lights for damaged cords and sockets. Please also remember to turn off your Christmas tree lights when you leave the house.

About Us

Bob and Amy both grew up around agriculture. Bob's family were in Colorado since the 1850’s where members of his family owned farms in the area. Bob and Amy were involved in farming while working other jobs and raising their family. They are both interested in introducing children to a real farm experience, as many children do not have this opportunity in their life. We try to keep your experience at the farm focused on the harvest, the equipment and the animals found on a real farm. We try to make it fun for the whole family, while we sell our pumpkins and produce.

Cottonwood Farms

Christmas Tree Hours
11 AM to 7 PM
November 27 - December 24

Credit Cards Welcome

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10600 Isabelle Rd.
Lafayette, CO 80026

(720) 890-4766

Cottonwood Farms, 10600 Isabelle Rd, Lafayette CO 80026