Farm Field Trips

Fall field trips at Cottonwood Farms in Lafayette, CO

Learn about agriculture while having fun!


We are now accepting reservations for school field trips.
Field trips are available Monday through Friday, October 1 - 31

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field trip includes
  • Information on growing pumpkins and other vegetables
  • Farm animals and their place on the farm
  • Tractors and their operation
  • Free time with teachers in the mazes
  • Each student will take home a pie pumpkin
  • Class will also get one large pumpkin
  • Every weekday in October
Age Groups

Most of our trips are for preschool to second grade.

For higher grades, middle school to high school, we are able to offer a trip that would be more advanced and cover topics like water, soil health, and regenerative farming principles.

planning your visit

Most groups spend about 1 to 1 1/2 hour for the total visit. Large groups will be broken down into smaller groups for touring. We do have some tent space for groups wanting to have lunch or snack. Please let us know if you plan this.

We will be open regardless of weather. We have many students scheduled to visit. It is important that groups arrive on time. If you have schedule difficulties call Bob on cell phone at 303-931-1591 so we know you are running late.

This is an outside activity and students should come dressed for the day's weather. We will be walking on grass and fields which may be wet or muddy.

We will conduct a 20-30 minute tour where we will see and talk about tractors and harvest equipment, animals ( calves, sheep , goats, chickens, and rabbits) and their use on the farm, and how pumpkins, squash and corn are grown. Questions are encouraged.

After the tour students can form small groups with the teachers and parents. They can go through the straw bale maze, corn maze or go back to look at any of the things covered on the tour.

We will give each student a bag with their pie pumpkin on the way out. The teacher can pick out one big pumpkin for the class.

Rules for students visiting the farm

Our first priority is for the safety of our guests, our employees, ourselves, and our animals. For these reasons we must insist on a few rules while visiting the farm.

Students need to be reminded that they cannot climb on the tractors, fences straw bales or anything else. We do not want to see anyone injured.

The corn in the maze dries down in the fall and the leaves become very sharp on the edges and will give a very nasty cut. It is best if no one touches the corn as they walk through.

Students should not feed the animals anything as this could make them sick. Students will be in direct contact with farm animals and need to have their hands cleaned before they eat anything. We do not have washing facilities. We recommend use of some type of sanitary cleansing towels. We do have a portable toilet on site.


Field Trip Reservations

Thank you for visiting!

We are looking forward to seeing you. Please call if you have any questions.

Bob and Amy Condon

P.S. - has some excellent agricultural resources for teachers

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