Winter Squash

We sell several delicious and colorful varieties of winter squash at our fall festival in Lafayette, CO!

Organic Winter Squash, Locally Grown

Winter squash and pie pumpkins keep very well and are a great choice for a winter soup, entrée, pie, cake or cookie on a snowy day. Cottonwood Farms sells a variety of organic winter squash, including spaghetti, acorn, butternut, cinderella, turban, and more! Stock up your pantry with healthy and delicious winter squash and enjoy our fall harvest all winter long! Our squash is organic, and is locally grown on Isabelle Farm which is owned and operated by our son Jason and his wife Natalie.
Cottonwood Farms

Pumpkin Patch Fall Festival
We have a wide variety of winter squash available at our pumpkin patch fall festival in Lafayette, CO!

Fall Hours
10 AM to 6 PM
September 23 - October 31

10600 Isabelle Rd.
Lafayette, CO

Cottonwood Farms, 10600 Isabelle Rd, Lafayette CO 80026