1917 40 Horsepower Case, engine # 34095

Stuart Anderson family -- Boulder, CO

This engine spent its working life in Adair County, Iowa. It was purchased new in 1917 by Bruce Main of Fontanelle, Iowa. He lived from 1888 to 1978. He loved running and caring for the machinery doing all his own repair work which included pouring new bearings. His threshing outfit consisted of two separators, and at different times another Case and an undermounted Avery. His brother would come during the busy part of the season to run on of the outfits. Crew for both consisted of up to 40 men which were fed lunch and supper. They always worried about poor bridges and carried planks to cross safely. The whole family was always relieved at the end of the season when the engines and separators were safely back home. This was the only engine he bought new. He operated it until 1941 when wartime labor shortages made it very hard to get a crew. He sold it to a group of neighboring farmers organized as the Farm Company. He remained interested in it as it was his favorite engine and followed its whereabouts as long as he was able.

The Farm Company only lasted a few years as the people could not get along. The newspaper clipping shows it at work during this period. They sold it to someone in Casey Iowa. Ed Bray of Bedford then bought it and soon moved to Creston

There were several owners in Creston. We believe it was owned by Ed Bray, then Pete Lindman, then Byron Hiatt, then Rollie Dale of Garden Grove. Rollie Dale sold it to A.V. Boyd & family of Creston sometime in the early 1970's.

The Boyd family brought it home and did some restoration and complete paint work on it. Quoted in a newspaper story on Friday, Jan 12, 1990 in the Creston News Advertiser, Jean Boyd said "Our entire family painted it, when grandpa got it we all went together to paint it. We just all had a part of it for a while." It was a favorite in the annual 4th of July parade in Creston. "the whole town enjoyed it " said Jean Boyd. Dale & Clair Boyd sold it to Stuart Anderson of Boulder, CO. in January of 1990. Dale Boyd was 73 years old at the time and was unable to care for it any more. Dale said he had many good memories of working on the engine and parading it with his father and his son.

Stuart Anderson farms East of Boulder. He developed a love for steam power working with his grandfather, Jerome DeBacker, on his Avery threshing outfit. After hauling the Case engine to his Boulder County farm, Stuart began extensive restoration with help from Family & friends. The boiler was retubed and had other repairs. Engine was completely disassembled and all parts restored to excellent condition. It was completed just in time to be shown at the Boulder County Fair in 1992. It has been there every year since as a popular part of the Yesteryear show, being used for threshing demonstrations at the show.

It was shown in Sept. 1999 as a part of the 13th annual Case Expo at the 19th annual Old Threshers Days in Yuma CO. About 6 Case engines were brought In & were used to power separators and a sawmill.

Thanks to Inez (daughter of Bruce Main) and Lowell Aupperle of Greenfield Iowa for help on the history of this engine.